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Morning! It is with great pleasure and huge excitement that I can now announce that, as of April 27th, I will have a weekly hip hop and spoken word show on XFM! I confirmed all of this a week or two back and have been itching to announce it! Let me start by giving a little history… When dan and I started off he did a few remixes of tracks from my solo record “No Commercial Breaks”. These went down well so we decided to try writing a track together. That track was called “Thou Shalt Always Kill”. Dan sent me a beat...

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

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Hello! So this is very exciting! This August, for the first time, I will be doing a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! This is a HUGE deal to me as I am a massive fan of stand up and have always wanted to attend, let alone perform my stuff there. Let me give a little history of how this has come about… Last summer (2012) I was asked to do a 60 minute headline slot at the Latitude Poetry tent. It was a Saturday night so competition was stiff and, when I went back stage having been watching out the front for an hour or so, I was...

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Scandinavian Autistic Cops

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Well I havent written a blog in AGES so I apologise in advance that this will probably be very poorly written. My reason for writing is a series of events that unfolded on my instagram and twitter this past Friday night. It all started with me posting this picture of a t-shirt I recently purchsed… The t-shirt has pictures of Sarah Lund (from Danish TV series The Killing) and Saga NorĂ©n (from Swedish/Danish TV series The Bridge) along with the slogan “Scandinavian Autistic Cops: Fighting Crime....

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By Scroobius’ Beard! I mean… buy Scroobius’ beard…

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Afternoon! I’m not going to mess around… the title says it all. I have just put my beard up for sale on eBay! I cut it off in the video for Introdiction then promptly bagged and tagged it. You can bid here… No profit will be going to charity. I will be spending all profit on cake. And on old 80′s toys off eBay. Mainly Ware Bears. Happy Bidding! Pip

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So it is August 3rd! This means I am now 30 years of age. To all you youngsters: I’m officially old now. To all you oldsters: I still have my youth! I have decided to celebrate this day by giving YOU all a gift. On September 19th i release my new solo record on my own label, Speech Development (with a little help from Strange Famous in the USA) so, today, I have decided to let you see and hear the first teaser track! “Introdiction” will be the opening track on “Distraction Pieces” and was produced by Danny Lohner...

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Hello world!

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Hello world!

Hello! It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to my pimping new website! Have a good ole look around!

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